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VAT Calculation Tool (Free)


What is the Free VAT Calculation Tool?

The free VAT calculation tool is a tool that helps you calculate the amount of VAT (Value Added Tax) for a given amount. With this tool, business owners and individuals can easily calculate the VAT rate and amount and see the total amount.

When using the tool to calculate VAT, enter the amount you want to calculate and select the VAT rate. Our tool will automatically calculate the VAT amount and the total amount including VAT based on the entered information. This way, the VAT calculation process is performed quickly and accurately.

  • VAT Calculation

  • VAT Rates

  • Total Amount Calculation (incl. VAT)

  • VAT Amount Calculation

  • Grand Total Calculation

  • VAT Discounts and Refunds


Free VAT Calculation Tool

Automatically calculate VAT and quickly find out the total amount including VAT.

  • "VAT is a type of consumption tax applied in many countries. Businesses pay VAT on the revenue generated from the sale of a specific product or service and collect this VAT from the customer by including it in the price.
  • By using the VAT calculation tool, you can save time and effort by selecting the VAT rate and automatically calculating the VAT amount for the entered amount. This tool helps businesses determine the VAT-inclusive price when setting sales prices or individuals when shopping.
  • By using the VAT calculation tool, you can determine the correct VAT amount and total amount, and manage your budget and business profitability accurately.

Some Tax Rates and Tax Types in Turkey

Tax Type Tax Rate
VAT (Value Added Tax) %1, %8, %18
Income Tax Various brackets, maximum rate is 35%
Corporate Tax %20
Special Consumption Tax Various rates depending on the product
Motor Vehicle Tax Variable rates depending on the type of motor vehicle
Property Tax Variable rates based on property value
Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax %1, %5, %15
Notary Fees Variable rates depending on the transaction

How to Calculate VAT?

Use the VAT calculation tool. The VAT amount and total amount including VAT are automatically calculated based on the entered amount and selected VAT rate.

What are the VAT Rates?

VAT rates can vary from country to country and product to product. Typically, different rates (e.g., 1%, 8%, 18%) are applied.

What is the Total Amount Calculation (incl. VAT)?

Total amount calculation (including VAT) refers to calculating the total price of a product or service including VAT. It is the sum of the original price and the VAT amount.

What is Withholding?

Withholding refers to the deduction of a certain percentage of tax or payment from the total amount payable. It is typically applied in certain business transactions and the deducted amount is remitted to the tax authorities on behalf of the recipient.

What is the Grand Total?

The grand total refers to the final total amount after all calculations, including VAT, discounts, or additional charges, have been taken into account.

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